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Our personnel are highly qualified and we are committed to investing in their professional development to further enhance their capabilities. We strive to attract and retain the most talented people and are always looking for bright, motivated, ambitious people to join our team.

Represent Us

We are keen to expand into new markets. If you would like to market our services in your country, we would be pleased to hear from you. Ideal candidates will have a feel for both the technical aspects of brand valuation and for the role brand marketing plays in building businesses. Our offices are normally run jointly by ‘finance’ and ‘marketing’ personnel.


Why us?

There are no black boxes. Our approach is to work openly, collaboratively and flexibly in a flat office environment.

Human Relations. We believe in and respect human relations in our friendly atmosphere.

Knowledge oriented. We are always up to dated and highly value knowledge.


Vacancies Location Committee Date
Valuation Expert and Financial Analyst Headquarter Office Valuation Committee 18.08.2017
Expert in market research and economic studies Headquarter Office Macro Research Committee 10.06.2017
Expert on PR and market development Headquarter Office Sales and Marketing 03.05.2017
Sales and marketing representative Kerman Office Sales and Marketing 10.01.2017